We fight manufacturers of defective products.

Manufacturers and sellers have a responsibility to provide consumers with safe products. When unsafe products cause injury or death, consumers have the legal right to seek damages.

At Goudarzi & Young, our East Texas product liability attorneys have brought successful lawsuits against product manufacturers on behalf of our clients.

Product Injury Liability Attorney Tyler, TX

Product liability claims generally fit into two categories: defective products or dangerous products that are accompanied by inadequate warnings or no warnings at all.

Defective Products

Our product safety practice has deep experience in representing clients in defective product cases involving:

  • Failed airbags and seatbelts in cars and trucks
  • Roof crushing as a result of an accident
  • Vehicle rollovers and ejection from a vehicle
  • Exploding fuel injury from an automobile gas tank or gas can
  • Product design and manufacturing defects
  • Failure to provide adequate warning labels or instructions
  • General product recalls

Dangerous Products

We also represent clients who have been injured by dangerous products, including:

At Goudarzi & Young we are not timid about taking manufacturers and their insurers to task for product failures and defects. If a product caused you injury — whether due to negligence, a manufacturing defect, misrepresentation or other reason — our law firm will work to get you substantial compensation for your medical bills, lost income, disability, disfigurement or other damages to which you are entitled.

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