We fight slip-and-fall injuries.

Business and property owners in Texas are obligated to provide safe premises for their patrons, residents, employees and visitors. When this obligation is ignored, injuries can follow — injuries for which victims can seek monetary damages in a court of law.

At Goudarzi & Young, our East Texas premises liability attorneys have brought many successful lawsuits against negligent property owners.

Propert Negligence Injury Attorney East Texas

We represent clients in all over Texas who have been seriously injured in property injuries such as:

  • Falls from collapsing decks or balconies at restaurants or private parties
  • Attacks by dogs and other animals on private or public property
  • Slip and falls on wet or slick surfaces at places like hospitals and supermarkets
  • Trip and falls on uneven sidewalks or pavements
  • Falls from stairs with poorly secured railings
  • Burns due to employer or owner negligence
  • Crushing injuries caused by negligence at a job
  • Oilfield injuries

Dangerous situations like these can happen anywhere a lack of attention, poor construction, or general disregard is found. Do not be the victim of a property owner “cutting corners” or costs when it comes to building safety.

If you bring us your premises liability concern, we will work with you directly, hear your concerns and develop a sound legal strategy. We will conduct all necessary investigation and research to hold the other side accountable.

To learn more about our services or to discuss your case with us, please contact us or fill out our free case evaluation form.