Houston, TX – Big Rig Crash with Motorcycle on North Loop near Ella Blvd Takes One Life

Houston, TX – Big Rig Crash with Motorcycle on North Loop near Ella Blvd Takes One Life

Houston, TX (January 8, 2023) – A person has lost her life following a truck crash that took place in Houston on Friday evening. At around 7:25 p.m., on January 6, the Houston Police Department and firefighters responded to a traffic wreck on North Loop.

According to law enforcement, a big rig in a motorcycle collided on North Loop in the area near Ella Boulevard. The incident prompted authorities to shut down the roadway for more than three hours as they worked to clear the site of the accident and investigate.

One person suffered fatal injuries due to the accident. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Houston Police Department is currently in charge of the investigation into the accident.

We offer our condolences to the family of the victim who died in this crash.

Fatal Truck Accidents in Texas

A fatal truck accident can have an overwhelming impact on your family. Unfortunately, we see thousands of people lose their lives as a result of truck accidents in the United States each year. Here in Texas, hundreds of people suffer fatal injuries as a result of drivers who engage in negligent actions while operating their vehicles.

Driver fatigue is one of the most common factors in fatal truck accidents. Drivers who are tired are more likely to make mistakes and have slower reflexes. This can lead to them not being able to react in time to avoid an accident.

Another factor that contributes to the high frequency of fatal truck accidents in our state is speeding. It is no secret that truck drivers are under immense pressure to make it to their destination on time. As a result, many of them end up speeding in order to make it. This can lead to them losing control of their vehicles are not being able to stop in time to avoid a collision.

Distractions are another common cause of crashes involving commercial trucks. When truck drivers are looking at their GPS units, eating, or even using their CB radios, it can take their attention away from the road and increase the chances of being involved in an accident. Finally, unsecured loads can shift during transport and fall off of trucks, causing accidents or blocking roads entirely.

If your loved one died as a result of a fatal truck accident, it is important that you reach out to a skilled wrongful death lawyer in Houston right away.

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Notes: Our team of dedicated writers created this post through the use of secondary sources; therefore, we have not independently verified all of the facts surrounding this truck accident. If you locate incorrect information, please contact Goudarzi & Young, L.L.P. so that we can update the post with the most accurate information available. This post will be removed if requested. 

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