Austin, TX – 18-Wheeler Crash Reported on I-35 Ends in Injuries

Austin, TX – 18-Wheeler Crash Reported on I-35 Ends in Injuries

Austin, TX (December 23, 2022) – A semi-truck rack took place in Austin on Thursday that resulted in injuries and delays. At around 11:45 a.m., on December 22, the Austin Police Department received a request to respond to a crash that occurred on Interstate 35.

According to law enforcement, an 18-wheeler was involved in a crash on the northbound side of Interstate 35. As a result of the collision, the vehicle came to rest, blocking three lanes of travel in the 14,100 block of North Interstate 35.

The police and firefighters responded to the scene to provide assistance.

Paramedics provided treatment to the victims who suffered injuries before transporting them to local hospitals.

The Austin Police Department is currently investigating the accident.

Our thoughts are with the victims hurt as a result of this truck crash.

Truck Accidents in Texas

In 2020, more than 32,500 truck accidents were reported in the state of Texas. These accidents took the lives of hundreds of people while leaving thousands more with severe injuries. It is no surprise that our state sees a high amount of truck accidents take place each year.

The heavy trucking industry is responsible for transporting more than 72% of America’s freight. Despite this, trucks only account for 3% of vehicles on the road. Due to the large size and weight of these vehicles, accidents involving them tend to be more severe than those involving passenger cars.

There are a number of reasons why we see so many truck and commercial vehicle accidents occur here in Texas. To begin, Texas is home to a large number of trucking companies. With such a high concentration of trucks on the road, the likelihood of accidents increases. Additionally, Texas has a large number of rural roads. These roads are often in poor condition and can be treacherous for larger vehicles. Finally, the state’s climate can cause problems for trucks. Warm weather can result in trucks overheating and tire blowouts. Cold weather can result in drivers losing control of their vehicles.

No matter what caused the accident to take place, they often result in severe injuries for those involved. If you’ve been hurt as a result of a truck accident, you must reach out to an Austin truck accident lawyer right away.

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