Bastrop County, TX – TX-21 Truck Accident near Voss Parkway Takes Three Lives

Bastrop County, TX – TX-21 Truck Accident near Voss Parkway Takes Three Lives

Bastrop County, TX (November 15, 2022) – A traffic accident occurred in Bastrop County that claimed the lives of several people. Just after 3 p.m. on November 14, emergency crews were called to the scene of a traffic accident on Texas State Highway 21.

According to reports provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety, a Ford van was towing a trailer Southwest on Texas State Highway 21 during the afternoon hours. For reasons unknown, the vehicle collided with a truck tractor while turning into a gas station parking lot near Voss Parkway.

The impact of the collision caused that semi-truck to travel off the side of the roadway and strike an electric pole. The driver was transported to a hospital in Bastrop County, where they underwent further medical care.

One person was ejected from the backseat of the van as a result of the collision. The ejected victim and to people inside of the van were all fatally injured. All three victims were pronounced deceased at the scene.

Debris from the crash struck a Chevrolet pickup truck that was traveling through the gas station parking lot.

The Texas Department of Public Safety is actively investigating the collision.

We hope the driver is able to recover quickly and fully following this accident.

Our sincere sympathies are with the families of all three victims who lost their lives as a result of this accident.

Fatal Truck Accidents in Texas

According to reports provided by the national safety Council, approximately 15 percent of all motor vehicle accidents that take place are a result of drivers who fail to yield to oncoming traffic.

When drivers fail to yield the right of way, it often results in a serious or even fatal truck collision. The majority of these crashes occur at intersections, and they often involve trucks or other vehicles turning left while another vehicle is going straight or making a right turn. Turning trucks have large blind spots on both sides, so it’s important for other drivers to be aware of this and yield the right of way when appropriate.

There are various other circumstances where failure to yield the right of way can lead to a fatal truck crash as well. For example, if a truck is passing another vehicle on the highway, it’s important for the driver being passed to maintain a safe speed and not cut off the truck.

If you have lost a loved one as a result of a fatal truck accident, a wrongful death lawyer in Bastrop County can help you pursue legal action. Following a fatal truck accident, surviving family members are able to seek financial compensation for funeral arrangements, lost earnings, and a variety of other financial burdens they face.

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