College Station, TX – Calvin Hill Injured in Fatal Bus Crash on Highway 6 near Harvey Mitchell Parkway

College Station, TX – Calvin Hill Injured in Fatal Bus Crash on Highway 6 near Harvey Mitchell Parkway

College Station, TX (November 20, 2022) – One person died, and two others were left with significant injuries following a bus accident that occurred early Sunday morning in College Station. On November 20, the College Station police responded to the scene of a crash that occurred on Highway 6.

According to reports, an SUV was traveling on Highway 6 when it collided with a bus just north of Harvey Mitchell Parkway. The impact of the collision caused both of the vehicles to burst into flames. Fire quickly consumed both of the vehicles involved in the crash.

A police officer responded to the scene and removed the driver of the bus, identified as Calvin Hill, a coach at Rudder High School, from the burning vehicle. The bus was identified as a Sanchez wonderland shuttle bus.

The driver of the SUV was killed as a result of the crash. A passenger in the SUV was rushed to a local hospital with serious injuries. Hill was airlifted and flown by medical helicopter to a nearby hospital for the treatment of serious injuries.

The incident remains under investigation by the police in College Station at this time.

We hope Calvin Hill and the second victim hurt in this crash recover quickly.

Our sincerest sympathies are with the family of the victim who died in this crash.

Fatal Bus Accidents in Texas

Bus crashes take the lives of hundreds of people across the United States each year. These large commercial vehicles are often designed to carry massive amounts of people. As a result, accidents in which they are involved often have mass casualties. Being involved in a bus accident can change your life forever. Trying to deal with physical and emotional injuries can seem incredibly difficult.

Unfortunately, there are many instances where people never recover from their injuries. Countless people end up passing away as a result of bus crashes here in Texas every single year. When families lose loved ones as a result of fatal bus accidents, they can file a wrongful death claim against the responsible party to seek compensation for various damages. In a wrongful death lawsuit, the survivors of the deceased may recover compensation for:

  • The loss of support and guidance from the deceased.
  • The loss of love, companionship, comfort, affection, society, and moral support from the deceased.
  • The mental anguish and suffering endured by the survivors as a result of the wrongful death.
  • The loss of earnings and benefits that the deceased would have provided to the survivors.
  • The funeral costs and burial expenses incurred by the survivors as a result of the wrongful death.

If you are considering filing a wrongful death lawsuit, it is important to speak with an experienced College Station wrongful death attorney. An attorney can help you understand the process and ensure that your rights are protected.

Our bus accident lawyers at Goudarzi & Young can help you understand the options that are available for you. Our team will build a strong case on your behalf and demand timely compensation for all of the damages that you face. Additionally, we will fight to protect your best interest every step of the way. If your loved one has died as a result of a fatal accident, it is important that you reach out to our personal injury lawyers as soon as possible by calling 800-256-5169.

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